Simple, Open-source plugins.

This is a collection of our bukkit/spigot plugins. All projects are open-source and are focused in scope to avoid feature-creep.

Our Projects

PlayerHeads maintained

Originally by Meiskam, PlayerHeads provides mob and player head-drops when killed with configurable drop rates. It recently has been updated with full 1.13 mob support and textured-heads.

MiningTrophies original

Provides rare gems when mining certain ores and materials.

AZTab original

Filters command packets sent to players to keep your suggestions and tab-completions concise and discreet.

AZBasics private

Offers simple commands missing from everyday use, like item-name recoloring and pressure-plates with plugin-command username replacements, moderation enhancements.

WGTrophyFlags original

Provides WorldGuard 7 flags to control PlayerHeads and MiningTrophies drops in regions.

TrophyLuckModifier original

Modifies PlayerHeads and MiningTrophies droprates when the player has the Luck attribute. Example plugin for PH/MT APIs.

LoreKillCounter original

Add kill-counters (and PlayerHeads behead counters) to items as loretext.

DisplayItem-Spigot private

Complete rewrite of DisplayItem which allows users to show their items in-chat. 1.14.3 compatible.